Addressing Information

Sullivan County Enhanced 9-1-1 Emergency Communications District has been appointed as the 9-1-1 addressing authority within the unincorporated areas of Sullivan County, as well as the city of Bluff City; in addition to maintaining all of this information in a GIS mapping database to be primarily used for the dispatching of emergency services.

How to Obtain a 9-1-1 Address

Looking to learn more about how Sullivan County 9-1-1 performs addressing and assigns the street numbers and names they use?
Check out this guide that provides many answers to commonly asked questions.


A new 911 address is needed in Sullivan County for:

  • any property subdivision, OR

  • any new dwelling/business structure

You will not be able to receive telephone service or utilities (mail, water, gas, etc.) until you have a 911 address. Even if you receive mail at a P.O. Box you must have a 911 address.


For address information contact:

Chris Hager - GIS Mapping Coordinator

Phone: (423) 279-7606 (24-hour voice mail)
or use the email form below


Please have as much of the following information on hand as possible:

  • Current 911 address (or one nearby)

  • Property assessment Information (tax map, group, parcel #)

  • Past property owners name

  • Plat/drawing of potential subdivision

Contact Addressing Coordinator

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