Since 1988,
Dispatchers for the Sullivan County ECD 911
& Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office provide a quality answering point for connecting its citizens with emergency services in their hour of need.

 Our Mission…

To provide a vital link between the citizens and visitors in Sullivan County and the emergency service providers. We will provide a uniform, easy to remember number (9-1-1) to access professional, prompt, compassionate and highly trained personnel. We will strive to exceed expectations in all we do. We are committed to saving lives and protecting property; making Sullivan County a safe place to live, work, and visit.

What We've Achieved

  • Sullivan County ECD 911 answered the first call September 29th, 1988, shortly after midnight for a cow in the road on Highway 421. Call taking has been in progress 24/7 ever since.

  • In 2018, the 911 center answered an estimated 170,932 calls for service.

  • Dispatchers use Powerphone Call Handler, a nationally recognized protocol system, to process emergency calls.

  • In 2018, after establishing a new Quality Assurance program, our average score for our 911 center in June 2019 was 93%.

  • 911 call takers completed over 1961 training hours in 2018.

  • Supervisors & Management Staff completed over 1711 training hours.

  • 911 call takers are trained to provide pre-arrival instructions in medical, fire and law enforcement situations.

  • Training of various types is provided for a variety of special circumstances (special needs, children, hostile situation, active shooter, hostage, and many more calls).

Dispatchers are hero coordinators, waiting patiently to answer a cry for help. They soothe pain with the sound of a calm voice, instill confidence in those who feel helpless, and make seconds count with every compression, chemical, or conflict. They have no pause, only purpose and action. There is no scene size-up, no huddle or pre-plan; they must be ready with every scream or whisper knowing both carry a unique challenge. They are a hero’s hero.
— Anthony Guido ~ Priority Dispatch